Thursday, August 16, 2007

WTP Takes Action Against Vote Fraud: Diebold Vote Machines Fail In Iowa

The Voting Machines Failed

August 15, 2007

As Plaintiffs had predicted, there were indeed significant problems counting the votes cast at Saturday's Iowa Straw Poll.

After delaying the release of the voting results an hour and a forty minutes beyond the planned 7 PM announcement time, state election officials were forced to admit repeatedly to the press that there were vote machine malfunctions and that (at least) 10% of the ballots had to be counted by hand.

By using the flawed Diebold machines and by tabulating the totals behind closed doors, Iowa election officials have caused significant confusion, frustration and distrust of the results.

Unfortunately, because the Straw Poll has been well established as an early and influential political event in culling the field of presidential candidates, the inability of Iowa election officials to secure a constitutionally verifiable vote will leave an enduring legacy upon our entire nation. Read more here.

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