Friday, August 17, 2007

John Birch Society Blatently Misleads or Lies About Our Vote In Sunshine Exit Poll

The John Birch Society just published an article, "Final Observations on Ron Paul and the Iowa Straw Poll" which attempts to divert attention away the issue of vote fraud in Ames while either misleading our lying about our Vote In Sunshine effort as follows:

By Brian Farmer
Published: 2007-08-16 21:40

"Ron Paul's fifth place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll is being called into question by some of his supporters, as voting machine failures and fuzzy figures raise suspicions of vote fraud. But potential vote fraud wasn't the only matter that was worthy of concern at this year's event in Ames."

Brian was either 1) misled, 2) didn't check his facts or 3) deliberately lied when he wrote:

"It’s claimed that some exit polls even showed that Ron Paul had won. However, sources who attended the Iowa Straw Poll said that the Ron Paul exit pollers were obvious supporters of the Ron Paul campaign, hence, supporters of other campaigns might not have spoken to them, and might have even avoided them."

The Vote In Sunshine Coalition would like to ask Brian:

1) Who were your "sources"? Did you call them to confirm this?

2) What specific evidence to you have that the Vote In Sunshine volunteers identified themselves as "Ron Paul exit pollers" to individuals exiting the polls in Ames Iowa Straw poll voting rooms?

3) If Vote In Sunshine volunteers were "obvious supporters of Ron Paul" and "supporters of other campaigns might not have spoken to them...and might have even avoided them" then how do you account for the fact that the majority of the votes (63%) we confirmed in our exit poll came from individuals who voted for the other candidates? That is, 565 out of 897 (63%) votes as follows:

Here's the listing - as it appeared on our real - ie. hand written - yellow paper list of our manual exit poll paper vote count from yesterday:

Ron Paul 332
Tom Tancredo 150
Mikw Huckabee 187
Fred Thompson 8
Tommy Thompson 39
Mitt Romney 90
Duncan Hunter 12
Hillary Clinton 1
John McCain 5
Sam Brownback 62
John Cox 4
Dennis Kucinich 1
Rudy Giuliani 6
Total 897

You can read more about how we counted our votes in this exit poll - which we have never claimed is "scientific" - at this link.

Read more here.

Editor's Note: We have never claimed that our exit poll was/is in any way "scientific", but if we had 200-300 volunteers on the ground in Ames we could have had a fighting chance to obtain 4000-5000 affidavits and/or vote verification cards.

1 comment:

piano_mambo said...

Brian Farmer is NOT a member of the JBS Council:

Brian Farmer contributes news/opinion pieces periodically to the JBS website.

In my opinion, Farmer is by far not the best writer they use. I have long felt his pieces are not as well-researched as pieces by other writers.

You are correct to demand accuracy in media. I think Farmer is, as you suggested, simply inaccurate or misled. But, by no means does Farmer's piece represent JBS policy. (Now, if John McManus were to say something, that would be different!) Please know that, in fact, the JBS is VERY supportive of Dr. Paul, and lavishes him in almost every issue of both their bulletin and the New American Magazine, and they probably have supported Paul for his entire careeer as well.

Perhaps drop a line to the JBS regarding the article, but, I wouldn't get more concerned than that.