Monday, August 13, 2007

New Media Smells A Rat: "What Really Happened" To The Other 12,000 Voters?


August 13, 2007

26,000 total Tickets sold - 14,302 votes tabulated
Now think about that for a minute. 26,000 people purchase tickets to go to a Straw Poll event, and yet we are to believe that 12,000 of those people couldn’t even care less about the voting part? Just what were they there for?

I don't buy it. This is not believable. An Investigation is needed here.
I don't need an investigation.

This straw poll was a fraud. Anyone wants to say otherwise, the burden of proof is on them. - M. R. Read more here.

Editor's Note: The Iowa GOP knew as of the eve of the Straw Poll - thanks to 1 or 2 confirmed plants who attended our planning meeting at the Holiday Inn - that our Vote In Sunshine volunteers would be manually counting with hand-clickers the number of individuals exiting from each of the 3 voting stations. Perhaps this was enough to cause them to stop Plan A - ie. stuffing the ballot box - and revert to Plan B which we'd still like to know about. What We The People of America DO KNOW is that the results of the Iowa Straw Poll still have yet to be confirmed for the Iowa GOP the Iowa State auditors have yet to conduct a manuel count of the paper ballots in the open/sunshine.


Derrick said...

Thanks for posting these results. my wife Lynne and I helped exit poll after 3pm at the Hilton poll exit, after we voted there. Good spot, shady with a breeze.

As I recall, lots of friendly Tancredo folks stopped to exit poll there. Not a lot of Paul people. The Romney people didn't bother much to stop. Those were my snapshot observations.

The low voting relative to tickets bothered me also. Somebody at my workplace, who voted in Scheman, said that lines were long at Fisher, but not so at Scheman or, as was my experience, at Hilton.

It might be as simple as people didn't know about Scheman or Hilton for voting and got discouraged at standing in the sun at Fischer.

The extra tickets might be due to Romney and the other candidates buying a ton of tickets that weren't used. I heard Ron Paul had like 800. Romney spent a lot more.

Anyway, it was fun being a Republican for a day.


Derrick Grimmer

Scribbler de Stebbing said...

An Iowan called me yesterday to tell me that when he voted, Ron Paul was in the last position on the ballot. When his wife and daughter voted (roughly the same time as he did) Ron Paul was in the 3rd position on the ballot. Is that kosher?

CitizenJoe said...


Malfunctioning Diebold Voting Machines Run By Romney Team Member At Iowa Poll
Ron Paul snatches fifth place in Straw Poll as voting machines again fail, questions raised over conflicts of interest in oversight personnel.

Steve Watson
Monday, August 13, 2007

Ron Paul supporters were angered at this weekend's straw poll in Iowa by the fact that Diebold voting machines once again malfunctioned and caused significant delays in the count, coupled with the fact that a Mitt Romney team member was placed in charge of overseeing the voting procedure.

Earlier in the week a group of Paul supporters attempted to block the vote based on concerns over insecurities in the Diebold machines. The Paul supporters took their case to the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, after being blocked by a lower court, but the appeals panel also refused to join an injunction against the vote, an attorney for the Iowa GOP, Matt McDermott, told the AP.

More concerning was the fact that earlier in the week a huge conflict of interest was exposed by a Ron Paul supporter as it was revealed that oversight of the voting procedure was conducted by a "Mitt Romney Leadership Team" Member.

The Story County Auditor's Office, which was in charge of running the votes is headed by Mary Mosiman who also happens to be on Mitt Romney's "Romney for President Leadership Team".

Madison Thacker said...


You say, tantalizingly, "Vote In Sunshine volunteers would be manually counting with hand-clickers the number of individuals exiting from each of the 3 voting stations."

So, I ask you, how many clicks did you tally?

john said...

But isn't this event full of supporters of candidates from other states that can't vote??????

John said...

I'm not sure on Paul being in different spots, and of course this wasn't a "real" election. But Iowa like many other states requires rotating candidates names on different ballot styles to dilute any advantage of being placed first on all the ballots. (I don't buy it but studies show it makes a difference) Maybe the Iowa GOP rotated names at the different voting stations to mimic a "real" election.

(I work in an IA county elections office - not Story County.)