Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Analysis Of Our Vote In Sunshine Exit Poll

Disinter wrote:

Ron Paul wins Iowa exit poll

August 14th, 2007

Vote In Sunshine conducted an exit poll at the Iowa straw poll...

It appears the results were mostly in-line with the “official” poll, with the exception of Paul, Romney and Brownback:

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Dan B said...

My theory is not that there was fraud, per say. But that a large percentage of people were there for a free lunch, and were not about to stand around outside and fill out paperwork. The bulk of those people were there for Romney (bussed in) or other candidates they didn't care too much about. On the other hand, the supporters of the "minor" candidates, the most passionate group, were more than happy to cast a vote with anyone who was willing to record it. Not that this is a bad thing, by any stretch!

I'm voting Ron Paul... But I'm just saying that this poll is more likely to measure the most passionate and determined people than it is to be a useful figure for extrapolating into actual numeric support in the official booths.

Oliver said...

It is very key to know how you selected the people who voted in your poll to ensure there is no selection bias.

If you just asked people at random and some refused then there could well be a selection bias. If you kept a tally of the people who refused then we could assume they were all Romney supporters and get a worst case scenario.

whatever said...

It is so obvious...evey Ron Paul vote was credited to Romney and every Romney vote to Ron Paul. Look at the exit poll.

I, too, am disgusted with the passive 'acceptance' that most of the posts on this site represent of blatant and undemocratic vote fraud. I am fed up with America, it's politics and it's citizens. Drink some more fluoride, breath some more chemtrails, and buy some more shit from your pharmacy, but stop trying to make a difference by thinking that you're making one by voting. It, like just about everything else you've been fed about your bullshit country, is a fucking lie. There hasn't been a fair election in this shithole of a country for 80 years. The USA still reigns supreme as the ONLY STATE IN THE WORLD TO DROP A NUCLEAR WEAPON ON A CIVILIAN POPULATION LEADING TO OVER 600,000 deaths and casualties. And to this very fucking day, we are led to believe WE DID THE RIGHT FUCKING THING!!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW MANY BEAUTIFUL AND INNOCENT, CHILDREN WERE CREAMATED THAT DAY IN THERE FUCKING BOBBIE SOCKS AND TENNIS SHOES...MANY OF THEM JUMPING ROPE AND PLAYING HIP-SCOTCH?

WE ARE A NATION OF SICK FUCKS for falling for all the lies, manipulation and malfeasance. If there is one, God help us!

Vote In Sunshine said...

our poll was NOT in any way scientific. we know from experience that individuals who support and voted for ron paul are naturally more in tuned to this issue. we did our best with very limited resources and could have used 50-100 more volunteers. we do know that the paid staff of ron paul's campaign told - if not ordered - ron paul volunteers to NOT support us in any way, shape or form.

overall we are very pleased with the impact of the work we were able to accomplish in ames - this was on just over 3 weeks notice.