Friday, August 10, 2007

Vote In Sunshine: Walter Reddy Serves The Iowa GOP Chairman and the Story County Auditor

Walter Reddy serves the Iowa GOP Chairman and the Story County Auditor with service of the lawsuit file in court by Bob Schulz, We The People Foundation - and several plaintiffs - in Federal Court in Des Moines on August 9th.


Dawn said...

Good job. I congratulate these people on truly choosing those battles worth fighting. Those battles which have no possible benefit and only serve to hurt our cause. They are single handedly managing to do more damage too the Ron Paul campaign than all of those lined up against us!

WooHoo! Keep up the good work and you will insure a quick demise to the Revolution. Between people like this. And the others that are treating the movement like a protest organization, we are truly going to make the news but not history!

It's about converts, not pissing off Romney's people or getting a whacko label in a 20 second local news spot. Or making them recount something that they no doubt already covered their tracks for and so makes us look paranoid.

How many supporters did you bring in today? Think you are doing your part with this crap? If you aren't bringing in new supporters each and every day then you aren't doing your job, you are just fighting "the man" to feel better about yourselves and not increasing the movement.

InfoJunkie said...

Dawn exemplifies the abysmal stupidity that has America going down the drain. Her solution: let the crooks at the Iowa GOP hide all the ballots and announce any result they want. Good job, Dawn! You really exemplify the spirit of 1776! Actually, you seem to be more at home with the spirit of 1917 (Communist takeover of Russia).

There is no way to deal with people this dense. Just leave the Dawns of the world in their playpen, and hook up with people that understand that if you're going to have an election -- you have to demand that the ballots be kept in public and counted in public -- not hidden from the people at all times -- something the Dawns of the world think is A-OK.