Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Iowa GOP Won't Allow a Privately Funded Manual Validation of Diebold Computers

Ernest Hancock
Date: 08-07-2007
Subject: Presidential Campaigns for 2008 - United StatesAfter I published my article yesterday about the Iowa GOP's decision to use Diebold's computer results for the Iowa Straw Poll and destroy the paper ballots before any type of a manual validation could be undertaken, I was contacted by several people interested in the story. Of these were some wealthy individuals that asked me to find out what the Iowa GOP would "charge" to allow a manual validation of the results. Their only condition for any negotiations on price and method would be that the ballots be immediately hand counted after the computers had ran them.

I called the Communications Director that I had spoken to the day before, Mary Tiffany, at the Iowa GOP to talk to her about this offer and what could be done to assure the planet of the accuracy of their Straw Poll. Since I did not hear from her I stopped by the State GOP offices just before 5pm. I was told that she was on a conference call and that she'd call me. I said that I was willing to wait and took a seat. About 5 minutes later a young man about 30 approached me to ask if I needed any help. I explained that I was waiting to speak to Mary. He introduced himself as Craig Robinson then made it clear that she would not be meeting with me today and what could he do for me. I explained my offer and asked to whom I needed to speak. He explained that they would only deal with individual campaigns. Read more here.

Editor's Note:
This is equivalent to someone stating that they are going to rob a bank - the bank of We The People of America's trust - in Ames Iowa on August 11th. Refusing to count paper ballots in the light of day while removing them from public review/audit smacks of an intent to at best cheat through neglect - and at worst defraud through willful intent to deceive. We hope that We The People Foundation/Congress follows through with its plans to file an injunction to stop this ASAP.

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