Monday, August 13, 2007

Comments About Vote Fraud During 1995 Iowa Straw Poll

Paul Dora who hails from – what sounded like – Ocheyedan, Iowa shared the following:

“I was here in August of 1995 as a point man for California Congressman Bob Dornan. I had the credentials passed in the back room. I stood next to "Babe" Buchanan as we knocked on the door and tried to get in where they were counting the ballots. Only Phil Graham’s and Bob Dole’s representatives were allowed in. The rest of us were told we cannot come. The security guard closed the door and that was it. An hour or two later they came out and announced a tie vote between Phil Graham and Bob Dole.”

Editor's Note: Please be sure to read Jim Condit, Jr's "A House Without Doors" which corroborates and elaborates on the vote fraud that took place at the Ames Iowa Straw Poll in 1995.

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