Friday, August 10, 2007

My $5 donation to combat vote fraud in Iowa GOP straw poll

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

Attributed to tyrant and mass murderer Josef Stalin

Diebold vote reversal demonstration on Fox News (3 min)

Why the GOP establishment want to bar testing of Diebold e-vote machines (3 min)

Stolen Election 2004 (10 min)

I sent $5.35 donation (35 cent to offset Paypal in-take fee, donation info) to Network America fundraiser to provide the support force of citizens gathering exit poll data to determine the outcome of stated Paul voters compared to the official Iowa GOP count determined by Diebold.

I left them the following message:

>>Please put up signs for citizen exit polling

Let the Paul voters see the sign and indicate they cast the vote for Paul. Explain that citizen exit poll is for thorough checking to verify against the electronic voting result. Hope the money is enough to help make sure that Iowa straw poll is not at the whim of the e-vote controllers that decide the outcome with deep prejudice and bias.>>

Why would vote fraud be possible in such straw poll that might be insignificant?

Because Diebold committed a massive fraud in Ohio and elsewhere in the heated election 2004 that handed the victory over to George W Bush and Richard B Cheney, much to the chagrin of the people who smelled fraud and protested to the controlled mainstream media that opted to remain silent.

Read more here.

Editor's Note: Thank you very much! A lawsuit was filed in Federal court yesterday afternoon here in Ames Iowa about this issue. The hearing is expected to take place sometime tomorrow. We need everyone coming to Ames to volunteer to help us ensure a fair and accurate vote by coming to our meeting tomorrow at 5 pm - see details over at this link.

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