Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Iowa Poll made of Straw - Iowa GOP refuses to allow any Validation of Computer results

Ernest Hancock
Website: www.ernesthancock.com
Date: 08-06-2007
Subject: Voting - Election Integrity

Regular readers of this site know my opinion about computers counting elections. But so that my position is clear to all new readers I'll make it simple. The only condition under which I would even think of giving any credibility to an election of any type that was counted on a computer would be with a manual validation of the results immediately after the election of a sufficient quantity of randomly chosen voted paper ballots (which eliminates touchscreen voting all together) to determine the accuracy of the computer reported results. I could get more detailed but it really isn't that difficult. Arizona just passed emergency legislation for the 2006 election addressing this very issue. But I had to sue to get them to even pretend to implement the law while I was running for Secretary of State to bring attention to this issue, and there are still lawsuits pending in Arizona that will have many election officials having to stay after school when it is all over.

I know all of the bullet points given to those on the front lines by the puppet masters and I can tell when I am being bullshitted just like most Americans can. For days I have been following up on leads given me by election integrity activists and GOP activists her in Iowa that have been directed to me on this issue or I to them.

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