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Vote in Sunshine / Americans for Verifiable Elections

Posted August 16th, 2007 by Schvenzlerman

This group(s) is geared toward 1) exposing the fraud of using computer voting machines (unreliable and hackable) and forcing legal action to 2) remove the machines and/or 3) require use of paper ballots that will be counted in public under video. Their work is very worthy and these people should be considered patriots.

See these two sites: and

Read more here.

Editor's Note: Thanks very much Daily Paul! We'll try to get the bottom of this "screaming" behavior you wrote about. Some of us have been known to scream/chant for our favorite Presidential candidate. One in particular did raise his voice when the Iowa Straw Poll security guards attempted to remove him from a polling room - see below.
All in all we are a pretty diverse, if passionate bunch of individuals that come from all over the country who simply seek a return to the use paper ballots that can be counted in the open sunshine in view of We The People.

PS. We The People Foundation and other plaintiffs - some of whom are with the Vote In Sunshine coalition - were behind the lawsuit that was filed in Federal Court in Des Moines last week. Funding and support for Vote In Sunshine and Americans For Verifiable Elections is being run through Network America which is part of Citizens For A Fair Vote Count. You can make a one-time donation to this cause at this link.

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Schvenzlerman said...

I am Schvenzlerman. Vote in Sunshine is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The "screaming" person to whom I referred is Mr. LC (who did not go to Iowa), IMO a homophobic, Christofascist who drops insults from his keypad at the drop of a hat. Needs some Chill pills. Keep him on a short leash.