Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Audio Moblog Interview With Jim Condit, Jr.: Breaking News Of "Smoking Gun" Evidence

As of 2 pm central this story is pending confirmation - see the final PS. note below:

Jim Condit shares breaking information that came from one of our Vote In Sunsine volunteers based in California - ie. the fact that 1) the Ron Paul campaign passed out 800 "free" tickets ONLY to Iowans who were on the ground at the Ames Iowa Straw Poll and were committed to voting for Ron Paul; and 2) that there was/is an "Adopt An Iowan" program which raised over $22,500 - or 642 tickets @ $35 each - to provide straw poll tickets to Iowans who were "on the ground" at the Straw Poll and were committed to voting for Dr. Paul.

800 + 643 tickets = 1443 tickets which is 138 more than the "unofficial" - fake, machine count - vote total of 1305 for Ron Paul announced by the Iowa GOP and the Iowa State auditor's office.

What does this mean?

It means that We The People of America are being asked to believe something so incredible that it defies reason - 1) 138 tickets were given to individuals who claimed to be supporters of Ron Paul, but who betrayed his trust and either didn't vote or threw away their tickets; and 2) ZERO/NADA/ZILCH supporters of Ron Paul who lived in Iowa and who were there "on the ground" at the 2007 Ames Iowa Straw Poll paid $35 out of their own pocket to support and vote for Ron Paul.

Given the incredible grassroots enthusiasm and energy behind the supporters of Ron Paul in Iowa and throughout the nation, to believe Iowans were too cheap to support and vote for Dr. Paul is really just too hard to believe. At least 100-200+ Ron Paul supporters drove from all over the country to be in Ames this past weekend. To believe that Iowans supporters of Ron Paul were less dedicated flies against everything we know about the energy, power and truth behind this campaign.

Please listen and share the link to this interview far and wide!

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Editor's Note: We are going to try to nail down this story with more feedback from the operators of the "Adopt An Iowan" program. We are also going to question members of Ron Paul's Iowan campaign on what checks were instituted by the campaign to prevent leakage of their 800 tickets to Iowans who were either unable to attend the Straw Poll or who were not supporters of Dr. Paul

We talked to one of the staffers of Ron Paul's Iowa campaign this morning about this and will be providing them with updates going forward.

PS. We have made contact with a friend of a friend of the founder of the Adopt An Iowa program and word is that they were unable to distribute the total number of potential tickets in this program. We are waiting for a call back from the founder and will report back what we learn. Word is that perhaps 200-300 of the potential tickets for the Adopt An Iowa program where not purchased and distributed.

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