Sunday, August 12, 2007

Update On Our Vote In Sunshine Venture

Dede Farrell, one of our Vote In Sunshine Coalition team members poses by the "hand count" total of our exit poll conducted yesterday at the Iowa Straw Poll. 897 individuals signed affadavits and/or a vote verification card which looks like this:

Vote In Sunshine coalition volunteers were all dressed in t-shirts - some of which were plastered with buttons and stickers from all of the campaigns. We were received very positively by the vast majority of individuals attending the straw poll as well as many of the volunteers working for the various campaigns. There was a bit of concern from some individuals who had read the press or listened to the WHO interview with Bob Schulz and Jim Condit about the lawsuit, but when we described what our main goal was - ie. achieving fair and accurate voting processes in America by returning to the use of and counting/saving/storing of paper ballots -
most of these individuals came around in a positive way to support our effort with words of encouragement. Here's a picture of one of the t-shirts were wore in the sweltering 90-95+ degree heat yesterday:

Here's the listing of our manual exit poll paper vote count from yesterday:

Ron Paul 332
Tom Tancredo 150
Mikw Huckabee 187
Fred Thompson 8
Tommy Thompson 39
Mitt Romney 90
Duncan Hunter 12
Hillary Clinton 1
John McCain 5
Sam Brownback 62
John Cox 4
Dennis Kucinich 1
Rudy Giuliani 6
Total 897

Clicking Votes 15,000

Editor's Note:
"Clicking Votes" refers to our manual effort to observe throughout the day the number of individuals exiting from the three voting stations in the Hilton Coliseum, Sheman and Stephen centers/halls. Vote In Sunshine volunteers possessed hand counters - ie. "clickers" as we called them - and clicked the counter once for every individual exiting. According to the today's Des Moines Register - page 1 - 14,302 individuals voted in yesterday's straw poll which was just 698 votes shy of our manual estimate. The 897 votes we counted/verified amounted to exactly 6 % of the total votes cast in the Iowa Straw Poll

PS. We made some mistakes - in our haste - when we transcribed/posted the numbers from the actual picture posted above. The handwritten numbers on the yellow paper were our final numbers from our exit poll.

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