Thursday, August 16, 2007 Bird Dogged Our Vote In Sunshine Effort

Two articles were posted by Reason Magazine regarding our efforts which were quite humorous and seemed to be more an attempt to document some kind of direct link/connection between Vote In Sunshine and Ron Paul's campaign:

I need to knock down a rumor: Ron Paul's campaign is not challenging any results from Ames. Jonah Goldberg links to an IHT story that reports:

"The voting machine delay may have added fuel to the fire of some Ron Paul supporters who had sought to block voting at the event because of the machines. They filed a federal lawsuit on the constitutionality of the voting process this week and argued that the vote-counting machines had fundamental weaknesses."

The key phrase is "some Ron Paul supporters." Those supporters are members or affiliates of and Vote In Sunshine. Vote In Sunshine members typically voted for Paul and wore yellow t-shirts that looked a lot like the regular Paul shirts, but they had little to do with the campaign. Rep. Paul, whom I spoke to today, confirmed that the campaign is not worried about the vote count, asked "vote fraud" watchers to drop a pre-vote lawsuit, and has nothing to do with any post-hoc challenges. Read more here.

Here's the second article:

Some of the Paul people were disappointed—none of them were crushed. The truly happy supporters were the Vote in Sunshine guys, who clustered in the middle of the room in front of the camera risers and excitedly chatted about the strategizing ahead. I pulled Fred Smart aside to ask him if he was disappointed in a fifth place showing. “I think you can see that Ron Paul has the momentum,” he said. He left and the rest of his group returned to buzzing about drivers’ licenses that didn’t scan, riggable voting machines, and mysterious computer delays.

That was in front of the cameras risers. Right behind them, a few steps away, the beaming Mike Huckabee had arrived into a five-man deep reporter scrum. He smiled into an array of cameras, boom mics and tiny Olympus recorders. “For all intents and purposes, we won the Straw Poll,” he said, credibly. Meanwhile the fraud-watchers, all of them Ron Paul voters, were bragging about how they’d stood out in the sun verifying votes.Read more here.

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