Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Truth / Peace / Love & No Fear: Election Fraud Articles...

Truth / Peace / Love & No Fear: Election Fraud Articles...

Questions unfolding throughout New Hampshire

Questions unfolding throughout New Hampshire

Harris Calls For Resignations In New Hampshire Recount Fiasco

Harris Calls For Resignations In New Hampshire Recount Fiasco

NH Recount Follies...

Who's Responsible? New Hampshire Chain of Custody Sham...

"Call security on this woman" - questioning is "over" - this is a cleaner, subtitled version of a previously posted video, with additional footage of NH officials being questioned about the seals, and identifiers on some of the ballot boxes.

Report that voting machine malfunctioned (FLA)

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Florida: Voting for Ron Paul Today

Great exit polling today in Florida http://votecount2008.org/ Aaron on the scene in Jupiter Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


By: Devvy
January 28, 2008

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Due to the obvious fraud which occurred during the New Hampshire primary earlier this month, the fabulous Granny Warriors mobilized and not only found a GOP candidate who cares about the actual vote count, but raised an enormous amount of money in record time to get a recount underway in the state. It would take several columns to go over step by step what a phenomenal job the Granny Warriors, Eric and Mr. Albert Howard have done to get the recount officially sanctioned. We all owe them a huge thank you and we also need to do our part NOW because what's happened since the recount was set to begin, has not only been reprehensible, those responsible in the Secretary of State's office need to be held accountable. Read more.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The "Albert Howard Republican NH Recount" Needs Volunteer Observers NOW!!

We The People have an immediate and ongoing need to have at least 16 or more observers watching the recount in the State Of New Hampshire's archives building in Concord at this address:


State Of New Hampshire - Archives and Records Management

71 South Fruit Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2236
(603) 271-2272 (fax)

This recount of the Republican ballots began again this morning and is being headed up by NH Presidential Republican candidate, Albert Howard, who hails from Ann Arbor Michigan. Albert - who is a limosine driver - and his family - a wife and 5 children - are sacrificing greatly for We The People's right to have our votes/voices counted fairly and accurately. Please note that Albert Howard is in charge of this recount so when you come to the archives building to volunteer you must tell those in attendance that you are there as a member of "Albert's recount team."

Carolyn Sharpe from Massachusetts will be working to coordinate the volunteers who will be needed each day beginning at 9 am - and which can extend to to 8-9 pm. Carolyn can be reached at 978-835-2592. If you would like to help out you can call Carol or send us an email at voteinsunshine at gmail dot com or post a comment on this blog.

Louisiana Delta-Bayou Waters of Corruption Force Ron Paul's Campaign Into The Sunshine Concerning Vote Integrity

Did Ron Paul Win The Louisiana Caucus?

Libertarian commentators and Ron Paul supporters, as well as the campaign itself, are suggesting that the thorough botching of the election process during the Louisiana caucus last Tuesday may have robbed the Texas Congressman of his first victory in the race for the 2008 presidency.

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Caucus results upset state Paul supporters

Presidential candidate Ron Paul, R-Texas, is issuing a formal complaint against the Louisiana Republican Party for an alleged improper handling of the voting process for the Jan. 22 caucus.

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Editor's Note: Thank God for LA corruption. Ron Paul's campaign has been putting their head in the sand over vote/election integrity and it took some dirty-nasty delta-Bayou waters of corruption to finally drag them into the river to say-do something.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Hampshire Recount | Chain of Custody Sham

GoldenEquity over at DailyPaul.com wrote:

If you are not familiar with Bev Harris..... God Bless Her!

She is and has been spearheading joint efforts by other "concerned citizens" around the Country trying to draw attention to the absolute
criminal sham of our Country's voting procedures. It is the very CORE of our Republic..... Our Vote..... remember us??? We the People?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul Campaign to Louisiana GOP: Count All the Votes

State Party Blunders Put Caucus Results in Question

ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, the Ron Paul presidential campaign calls on the Republican Party of Louisiana to count all the ballots submitted in the state’s January 22 caucus.

“The failure of the Louisiana GOP to properly determine who was and wasn’t eligible to vote threw this entire process into disarray,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “The party needs to correct this mistake by counting all the votes immediately, and releasing the results.” Read more.

Ron Paul's supporters finance N.H. GOP recount


Associated Press

Supporters of Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul are helping to bankroll the re-count of votes in New Hampshire's Jan. 8 Republican presidential primary.
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NH RECOUNT UPDATE Friday 11:40am

Hey Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Albert Howard, (unfortunately I could not be in Concord today) The Assistant Sec. of State just told Albert that the Recount needed to be postponed for a couple of days due to legislative business!!!!!
We are very concerned about this new developement. I think it is high time we get some legal help. They may have been caught off guard when Albert told them he wanted to choose the order of the towns being counted instead of the order they suggested.

Spread the word and I know Albert could use additional financial support. Please donate at www.AlbertHoward.org

Yours in Liberty,
Eric Newhouse

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update From RonPaulVoteCount.com

Mitchel Stein, founder of RonPaulVoteCount.com wrote:

California Gets It; See this Video About the Affidavit our Votes Approach (with www.RonPaulVoteCount.com, or whatever method; just have some verifiable check!!)

Hi All,

Someone in California gets its (the potential HUGE IMPACT of election STEALING), and knows that the a way to CATCH THE ELECTION RIGGERS is with a “spot check” approach, using Notarized Affidavits, such as is available with the www.ronpaulvotecount.com approach. Please view this video.

Ron Paul California Supporters - Vote Fraud

Hat Tip to NSOakland6 for sharing this!

This California lady gets it. She knows we have to watch the vote ourselves. She knows that each precinct is responsible for what comes out of that precinct, and she is taking action to make sure that what comes out in her and her neighbors’ name is actually exactly presenting what the voters chose. She knows that anyone can organize for this in their own precinct. Read more.

Monday, January 21, 2008

An Example of A "Slit Ballot Boxes"

Bev Harris, founder of BlackBoxVoting.org wrote:

I asked Scanlan [NH Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan] if he believed the ballot boxes were secure when slit at the end. He said the boxes are secure because of the label on the top. Here's a hand in the slit. You decide if you are comfortable with this.

He was referring to what I call the "PostIt" note [see below].

NH Ballot Boxes "Sealed"??? With Post-it Paper!!

Bev Harris, founder of BlackBoxVoting.org wrote on 1/20:

Here is an empty ballot box with the top label attached. The ballots are in the process of being counted. As Anthony Stevens, from the sec. state office, watched I checked to see whether the labels on the top of the boxes leave any mark if you remove and reaffix.

Read more.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

News From The NH Recount

Huge Diebold Disparities Uncovered In New Hampshire Recount

Huge disparities between votes cast on Diebold electronic voting machines and actual hand counted tallies are emerging during the New Hampshire recount, with Hillary Clinton gaining the most from over a hundred unaccounted for votes in one Manchester Ward.

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New Hampshire ballot boxes found slit

No worries, say New Hampshire officials when cuts up to eight inches long are spotted in newly delivered ballot boxes.

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Read more from Bev Harris et. al over at BlackBoxVoting.org.

Primary Voters Turned Away - Amongst Complete Chaos

Chaos would be an understatement in describing the handling of the 2008 Republican Primary Elections in Horry County, South Carolina this past Saturday evening. Horry County is located on the coast of South Carolina and is home to Myrtle Beach.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?!

South Carolina Elections Are Unconstitutional! Article II, section 1, of the Constitution of South Carolina states:

"the ballots shall not be counted in secret."

No more need to refer to case law, evidence, or logic to argue against secret vote counting, at least in South Carolina. But, will any of the candidates take action to demand change?

Please read this story and be sure to watch and share this video by Jim Condit, Jr. below:

South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul

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Thursday, January 17, 2008


Please Support VELVETREVOLUTION.US's "Paper Ballot Campaign!"

Vote integrity

January 17, 2008

Vote integrity is the only issue that really matters in America and the world, for if we can't stand on our vote then the entire foundation of our democratic republic washes away and government becomes a cruel joke.

I join the call for a paper ballot for every vote cast in America. It is time for Congress to finally pass an election reform bill in which the American people can have confidence. Any such legislation must require a paper ballot - not a paper trail or a paper record - for every vote cast.

Frederick Smart


Editor's Note:The above message was posted over at this link on VelvetRevolution.us. VelvetRevolution.us automatically sends these messages to the local media outlets and my message was received, noticed and published by Katie Hamilton over at the Chicago Tribune.com - THANKS VERY MUCH KATIE! Please share this link with others so that this message can go viral NOW!!

Ron Paul: Attention Michigan, SC and Nevada Voters!!!

The idea is simple.

1. If you have a cell phone or a camcorder, video record yourself going to your primary or caucus as you vote for Ron Paul. Then post your video as a response to this one.

2. Get a signed affidavit to legally document that you voted for Ron Paul in your precinct on the day of your Caucus or Primary.

Do one or both of the above, and if every Ron Paul supporter does this in Michigan, SC and Nevada, we should be able to get a "we the people" count of votes.

Help make this video go viral. All the Ron Paul voters who do not watch youtube or have internet, please tell them about this video.

This idea could be the first time in American history where we the people can use technology to have an independent tally of who is voting for a candidate.

Onward to victory!

The Book How To Rig An Election Is An Excellent Read And You Can Get It Here—This Book Is About A Past New Hampshire Election

Last week, Simon and Shuster released a new book about GOP dirty tricks titled, “How to Rig An Election, Confessions Of A GOP Operative,” by Allen Raymond. We will soon be releasing several in depth interviews with Allen as part of our Election Protection Strike Force this year. In the meantime, VR has 20 autographed copies of the book to the first 20 donations to us of $50.00 or more here. And please support Mr. Raymond’s whistleblowing by ordering a copy of his book for you and your friends directly from Simon and Shuster here. This is a real eye-opener into the mindset of the Republican National Committee’s win-at-all-cost election strategy.

Read more.

"Uncounted" The Movie & The New Math of American Elections

Click here.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Granny Warriors: "Freeze Over!"

Freeze Over

Posted January 16th, 2008 by Granny Warrior over on DailyPaul.com:

A nice lady from Pay Pal just called and let us know the freeze on our account has been lifted. Thank goodness as we were about to become homeless on the side of the road..lol.

She looked at the account and all the information we have sent in and decided we are legit. Heck I have been telling them that for 48 hours.

The money for the recount was borrowed and is now paid and the recount is on. We only have to repay the loan which is easy now with the money free.

We are still a little behind as we have had other fees to pay such as the $2000 filing fee, $2,500 for Mr Howard to find a place to live for a while and the plane fare.

The chip in is working again and if we can make the goal of $25,000 we will pretty much have it covered.
Please chip in now and let us get all of this paid for and off our minds.

Again thank you all so much for caring and worrying about us, it makes us feel so special and more determined to get r dun.

Click here to read more and chip in to help finish off the funding for this noble effort!

Linda Granny

Editor's Note: Please keep "chipping in" until we at least get to the $25K amount Linda et. al have asked for. Thanks in advance!

Shaun At StartTheRevolution.org Comments On The NH Recount Fiasco

I do not know where to begin with all of this so I will just lay out the basic facts as they are being reported to me:

1. The state of New Hampshire ballot appeared to have been tampered with.
2. The people of America (and about half of the world too!) pulled together to sign a petition and have their voice heard, across the aisle, in an effort that has seen both Democrats and Republicans call for a recount of the ballots for the state of New Hampshire.
3. The Secretary of State placed a January 15th @ 15:00 deadline for the $55,600 to be handed over to cover the cost of the recount.
4. The money was raised by, again, people from all walks of life who simply wanted to see that every vote was counted.
5. At the very last moment, PayPal froze the Granny Warriors account and refused to release the funds whilst they “investigated” a “suspicious” $1000 donation.
6. The money could not be handed over and thus, at this point in time, it appears that the recount will NOT take place.

Read more here.

Who Is "Jerjis Alajaji?

Jerjis Alajaji - the name of the individual who has a yahoo email account by the same name - donated $1000 to the Granny Warrior's Paypal "Chip In" account.

Linda Hunnicutt - aka "The Granny Warrior" - wrote to us:

"The reason for the frozen account: seems like we may have been accepting money from terrorists?????"

Click image to enlargeWe did a google search using "Jerjis Alajaji" and found this entry:

Jerjis T. Alajaji

A Definitive Reply to Islam

A casual reader of history will not fail to note the great and ferocious animosity of Islam to Christianity. One would ask why is this so, since both religions are supposed to worship the same God? The crux of the matter lies in focusing on the originators of these two religions, since followers of one or the other religion have a wide range of virtues or vices, resulting in complex and unscrutable historical developments.

Click here to read more.

Granny Warriors Comment On NH Recount

Frozen out by Paypal

On January 16th, 2008 Granny Warrior says:

We had sent the money to the former attorney General in NH who was standing in the bank waiting for confirmation of the payment being on the way which it was. The money was removed from our account and by our thinking it was a done deal. a hour later we got a call that our chipin was not working. we checked and found the paypal account was locked. We have spent 5 hours providing all manner of verification to them about the account which is over 10 yrs old with never a flag on it. We had to stop at a centura bank in Alabama and get them to fax our statement to the paypal people proving I owned that account.? then they wanted more. then they said the social security number was associated with another account? That being mine, the same account as we had been advised to change my name on the account from my former name to my married name. We did and that sent every thing into a tizzy again. After hours and minutes on the phone all on over time ( cell phone) we managed to get confirmation that once the faxes had been received the account would be opened again.
The faxes were sent and there was something missing? we had to find another bank and get the entire copy of the last statement and send that in with the address etc on it. what a mess and nothing you told those people made a impression. Seems like someone had sent in a donation sortly after we notified everyone that the money had been raised and also tagged the donation with a suspicious transaction tag. below is the donation. I have a strong feeling we have been had.Read more.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NH Recount Status Update

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Republic Media Radio News Exclusive!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Hampshire Primary vote recount.... why the rush for the big bucks?

* Why did the NH Secretary of State's office issue a letter yesterday, January 14th, stating that the entire fee for the recount (tens of thousands of dollars) must be submitted by 3pm today, January 15th?

* Why did PayPal lock the account of the grass roots activists who tried to wire the money to meet this new unexpected deadline?

Click here to read more and listen.

If The South Koreans Can Use And Count Paper Ballots So Can Americans!!

Noztnac over on RonPaulForums shared this gem today:

I am an American living in South Korea. They recently had a presidential election here.

Here are some interesting facts:

South Korea has a population greater than Canada, Australian, New Zealand, and Sweden combined.

They used paper ballots and counted all of them by hand. They counted the entire country in one day. And they counted them in plain view of the people and the media.

So why can't one tiny state like New Hampshire do that?

Iowa still hasn't counted all of their votes.

Population of South Korea: 49,044,790 (July 2007 est.)
Population of Iowa: 2,982,085 (2006 est.)
Population of New Hampshire : 1,235,786 (2006 est.)

Read more.

NH Vote Fraud Recount in need of Funds!!

According to Daily Paul the recount needs to raise $55,600 worth of funds by 3pm Today (1/15/08)! Otherwise no recount will be held. The grannywarriors are trying to help raise the funds to help protect us from Diebold supported voter fraud.

Read the comment by Albert Howard over on this thread at DailyPaul.com.

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Commentary About NH Recount vis a vis Ron Paul

Bukojack wrote:
The machines that they do use in New Hampshire are still Diebold even though they took off the Diebold labels on all the machines and replaced them with the Accuvote moniker. Premier Elections Systems is the name the company is using, but the company is still Diebold through and through.

I just returned from New Hampshire where I was campaigning with a great group of people. One of us just so happened to be a young IT guy who was allowed to inspect the machines at a NYC conference in 2005. When we arrived at a polling place in Keane our friend went inside to see if they were using the same machines. Once they realized he was not a voter in that ward they kicked him out rather abruptly, but not before he was able to confirm that indeed yes they were using the identical machines.

There is plenty of information on the net that detail the simplicity of rigging the Diebold machines so I won't go into too much detail. If you want more info I will point you in the right direction. Just drop me an e-mail.

Click here to read the entire commentary.

Editor's Note: Please support this NH Recount effort which is being organized entirely by The Granny Warriors and We The People among the grassroots. Click here to donate and here for more information or just click the "Chip In" to donate now below!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Open Voting Consortium (OVC) Achieves Major Milestone In CA on 1/12

Dear Friends of Open Voting:

OVC achieved a major milestone yesterday. You may know that we received this request from the San Luis Obispo County on Monday (to provide software to run their JAN 12 straw poll).


By Friday, we had the software prepared and yesterday's event has to go down as a great success for Open Voting Consortium and the cause of transparent election administration (to others, I suppose, it was mainly about success for Obama). The response was overwhelmingly positive. We used the Ubuntu (Linux) operating system, which is also free and open source. As always, our code is publicly available [1].

Read more.

"Diebold-vote riggin' blues"

Hat Tip to Ralph Buckley over at RalphBuckley.com

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nancy Tobi: Need To Eliminate Secret Vote Counting

We Need To Eliminate Secret Vote Counting, Not A Recount

By Nancy Tobi - Saturday, 12 January 2008, 12:41 pm
Democracy for New Hampshire

New Hampshire's primary delivered a "surprise" upset victory to Senator Hillary Clinton, contradicting all pre-election poll predictions and even the facts on the ground, which showed Senator Obama with a strong lead and enthusiastic overflow crowds at every New Hampshire appearance.

Political pundits in the corporate media and citizen journalists in the Blogosphere alike are all asking the same question: What happened in New Hampshire?

It's pretty easy to see what happened in New Hampshire: We had an election in which 81% of our ballots were counted in secret by a private corporation, and this resulted in an outcome that is called into question.

That's what happened.

No recount is going to change this. What will change this is to get rid of corporate controlled secret vote counting in our elections. Read more.

Where Paper Prevailed, Different Results

By Lori Price, www.legitgov.org

2008 New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results --Total Democratic Votes: 287,580 - Machine vs Hand (RonRox.com) 09 Jan 2008
Hillary Clinton, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 40.121%
Clinton, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 34.703%
Barack Obama, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 35.756%
Obama, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 38.785%
Machine vs Hand:
Clinton: 5.419% (15,584 votes)
Obama: -3.029% (-8,711 votes)

2008 New Hampshire Republican Primary Results --Total Republican Votes: 238,909
Machine vs Hand (RonRox.com) 09 Jan 2008
Mitt Romney, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 33.044%
Romney, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 25.536%
Ron Paul, Diebold Accuvote optical scan: 7.233%
Paul, Hand Counted Paper Ballots: 9.235%
Machine vs Hand:
Romney: 7.509% (17,939 votes)
Paul: -2.112% (-4,781 votes)

Read more.

How can someone tamper with an electronic voting machine?

Click here.

Who Counts Your Vote? Only The Shadow Knows

"An electronic voting system is to a mechanical one what a nuclear bomb is to a hand grenade. If someone manages to sabotage it, the results can be catastrophic" unknown

Gosh, what a bummer, all the polls predicted a blowout for Obama 49/29. Huh? Seems that only Hillary saw a sudden surge. "Old Dems" (women) coming out to vote - her tears - Whites deciding not to vote for a Black, etc, are just some of the cartoon sound bites used to describe the "most stunning upset in the history of politics."

Read more.

Don't Count on It: New Hampshire 'voting irregularities' just the tip of a rotten iceberg

The real crime is that US voters are led to believe—-and gladly do so-—that their system is not only the best in the world but is above reproach. Such asinine and self-delusional fantasies help to shore up a whole host of other crimes, as delusions of grandeur tend to do. Manifest Destiny made it okay to slaughter indigenous people from coast to coast, just as taming a new continent justified the enslavement of Africans. Saving The World for Democracy made the firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo, and the nuking of Nagasaki and Hiroshima into historical footnotes for generations of students. Our moral superiority over the Soviets not only justified, but necessitated, the militarization of global jihad, not to mention the creeping, nearly complete and unprecedented tyranny of the Military Industrial Complex. And so on. Why would voting be any different when cooked up in this same self-righteous stew?

Read more.

Hat Tip to Michael Rivero over at the WhatReallyHappened.com "vote fraud archives"

Interview with LHS Associates President John Silvestro

Posted on Sunday 13 January 2008

Transcript of Talk Nation Radio interview with John Silvestro

In August of 2007, just prior to a meeting between LHS President John Silvestro and Connecticut voting officials within the Secretary of the State’s office we phoned Silvestro to ask him about violations of CT election law.

Our call was made from Radio Station WHUS at the University of Connecticut where the computer science department has been looking into problems with the Diebold AccuVote Optical Scan Voting machines Silvestro conveyed to the state as vendor for Premier Election Solutions, a subsidiary of Diebold.

Read more.

Diebold Voting Machine Failures Found Across State During New Hampshire Primary

Election Officials Confrim that Employees from LHS Associates, Diebold's Sole Programmer, Vendor, and Service Provider in NH, Were Allowed to Access Vulnerable Optical-Scan Systems Throughout Election Day

Attorney General's Office Offers Conflicting Information...

Special to The BRAD BLOG by Dori Smith of Talk Nation Radio

Early research into New Hampshire wards and towns which used Diebold's AccuVote Optical-Scan voting machines during last week's Primary reveals that chronic problems continue with the company's infamous paper-ballot voting machines.

As well, the preliminary investigation reveals a great deal of confusion and conflicting information from local election clerks and a high-ranking official in the state Attorney General's office regarding protocols and security procedures for voting systems and memory cards, and how they are to be handled during Election Day failures.

Read more.