Thursday, August 16, 2007

Diebold Ads

Diebold Variations:
I came into possession of the image of Stalin casting a vote, and wondered what the ghastly old fellow might have made of the new touchscreen voting technology. A magazine ad suggested itself, and then another, and another... They're arranged here in the order conceived; after two days inspiration flagged, and I elected not to force the muse further (although I've added another dozen at the end of 2005). Here's my attempt at a legal disclaimer. The images may be reproduced, but I retain my copyright, so please include the copyright credit—for choice, "(c)2004-06 Rand Careaga/salamander.eps" in text, please—and I'd appreciate being advised of use in advance. Also, it's convenient if your re-use includes the text string "Diebold Variations," and I greatly prefer it if there's a link back to this page. Comments are welcome (rcareaga auf mac splotch com—spambots everywhere, damn it. Somewhat desultorily maintained blog is here). Don't forget to vote!

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Editor's Note:
Please spread these images far and wide!

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