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Following the newly adapted Vote Rescue Approach in Texas for Affidaviting Votes

From: Mitchell Stein, Founder of

Hello All,

Great News. A great moment for affidaviting votes in the Austin, Texas area is occurring, and we need to join in with it, to consolidate efforts, and not cause confusion. The voting integrity organization that many of us know and love, Vote Rescue, is now going to do an affidavit approach, instead of the “Exit Poll” type approach (where their definition of Exit Poll included sampling not every voter, but only every few number of voters) they were doing previously. All RonPaulVoteCount Precinct Coordinators in the Austin, Texas area to attend one of their training sessions, of which there will be 3 or so over the next few weeks before the Texas Primaries. They are also doing this in conjunction with another organization,

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ron Paul Comments On Vote Fraud In America 2/15/08 - AUNetwork Exclusive




Steve Harris
Charlotte, NC

Fred Smart -
Evanston, IL




Republican Presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul, a guest on the February 15, 2008 Oregon/Washington Cacaus Conference Call, was asked a question by one of the callers, Ms. Kathy Ornstein of Los Angeles, California. Ms. Ornstein wanted to know if there was going to be a bill brought before Congress to the stop vote fraud that has been (and is) going on in America.

Dr. Paul responded that he thought there was indeed “room for that”. He also said that there had been mandates (for cleaner elections) and funds appropriated by the federal government for voting machines, but that unfortunately, for people like him who wanted paper ballots and a paper trail, they were unsuccessful in those elections.

He went on to say that the issue of vote fraud is a “major, major problem”, and that he, too, had lost elections in the past due to vote fraud. In fact, he said that he and his staff are “pretty certain” that that was the case in New Orleans and “possibly some other states” in the recent primaries.

Dr. Paul ended his remarks by stating that there are things citizens can do to help stop vote fraud, like implementing effective “ballot security” measures, but it needs to be done at the state or local level.

Below are links to some excellent sites on the Internet that are involved in the fight to stop vote fraud in America. Check them out:

Click here to listen to the entire conference call with Ron Paul and Oregon campaign volunteers on 2/15/08.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Hampshire Recount Update Alert!!

Recount Update Alert


Petitioner contends that the results of the statewide Republican recount are potentially invalid due to violation of various state election laws, procedures of the Ballot Law Commission, and written procedures governing the handling and securing of the ballots. Furthermore, discrepancies shown between the results of those ballots counted by hand versus those counted by Diebold optical scan counters (see Appendix 1), together with violations of HAVA requirements, indicate a high risk and opportunity for manipulation of ballots and vote totals, thereby invalidating the results of both the Primary election and the recount. THE NEW HAMPSHIRE RECOUNT!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Recount news from NH - It's not over | Ron Paul for President 2008 - Ron Paul Revolution

Recount news from NH - It's not over | Ron Paul for President 2008 - Ron Paul Revolution: "There is still much work to be done in NH according to Albert Howard who is working diligently for full disclosure. He sends this:

'We need moral and financial support to get to the bottom of this corrupted recount. Many have dropped out, thinking that it is over! How can it be over when we haven't even been given all the documents we asked for!

The SoS wants to end the recount so that the destroyed evidence do not have to be accounted for! Again, we cannot let this happen! Three weeks of hard work would be going down the drain!

Give us your support if you want a just America and fair elections to return. If you know any New Hampshire attorneys; if you can support financially; please contact us through e-mail!"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Super Tuesday E-Votes Uncounted by Venezuelan Company

YouTubReptilian wrote:
After California lost multi billion dollar contracts with all four e-voting machine companies, these same machines were simply used in other states.

Sequoia was the name of one of the companies with faulty machines and no paper trail. Now that they have been acquired by a foreign company of which Cheney is a stockholder, the American people finally know that all primary results have been doctored.

Except for TruVote, whose CEO was assassinated because his system had paper trail and receipt, Diebold (recently renamed), Ivotronix, and now Smartmatic are unconstitutional. Just like McCain not having the right to even run for President (since he was born in a U.S. Territory), these machines violate the Constitution by not allowing paper trail verification and denying our right to know if our vote is getting counted.

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Seattle Caller : "A Full House For Ron Paul" At WA Caucuses

A Republican Caller and Ron Paul supporter calls in to CSPAN in the wake of the Washington State Republican precinct caucuses, held on Saturday, February 09 2008.

Incredible Voter Fraud : CNN - Diebold & the Smoking Gun

YouTube - Incredible Voter Fraud : CNN - Diebold & the Smoking Gun

Decorum breaks down at NH recount

Part 1

Part 2

YouTube - Decorum breaks down at NH recount - 2 of 2

Thousands of primary votes invalid due to lack of oath - KHQ-TV-

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Thousands of ballots being cast for the presidential preferential primary in Washington State are invalid because voters aren't checking an oath saying they're a Democrat or a Republican.Thousands of primary votes invalid due to lack of oath - KHQ-TV-

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A New York State of Election Fraud for Ron Paul

Well, Ron Paul has NOT dropped out of the race for President of the United States of America. And Freeport Long Island is not the only place where this rumor spread....... when Steve Miller, a volunteer poll watcher for Ron Paul, called in a report that a woman was trying to vote for Ron Paul at her polling place, PS 180 in Brooklyn, when her machine malfunctioned. She was given an emergency ballot and was informed by multiple poll workers that she could not vote for Ron Paul because he was not on the ballot. ( Eventually she was able to vote when they realized they were wrong. But what about the people who tried to vote earlier?A New York State of Election Fraud for Ron Paul: "*

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hundreds Of Thousands of Ballots May Not Have Been Counted In CA Open Democratic Primary Election

Here is what is known. California was the big prize in yesterday's SUPER DUPER TUESDAY, with a whopping 441 delegates at stake for the Democrats. Shazam! Additionally, those left coasters have an independent streak, with 20% of Californians registered as independent. In fact, Californians are so independent that they even have a special name for independent: officially, they are know as "decline to state" voters. Again, in California 1 in 5 registered voters fall into that category- in Los Angeles County alone the number of "decline to state" registered voters is 776,000. In fact, in the lead up to the California primary, these sought after “decline to state” voters were said to hold the power of deciders of this highly contested cure for that

Special thanks to Davis Fleetwood who tipped us off to this story in the video below:

after SUPER TUESDAY- Predictions

On the Road to Super Tuesday - NY Daily News

On the Road to Super Tuesday - NY Daily News

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vickie Karp's Classic "Hot on the Trail of Democracy: 48 Hours in New Hampshire"

God Bless Vickie Karp and the folks who have helped to expose this story.... This is old news, but good news:

Tomorrow the Republican recount begins. I met Albert Howard on oped newsTuesday, the Republican presidential candidate who filed for the recount and paid for it in full, something along the lines of $55,000 (with the help of the Granny Warriors and a lot of campaign contributions, many, I hear, from Ron Paul supporters.)

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"They Lost My Vote" - Theme Song of The National Clean Elections Lawsuit

Special thanks to singer/songwriter Ellen Bukstel for creating this great song!!

FOX News Exposes Diebold Electronic Vote Flipping in Florida

YouTube - FOX News Exposes Diebold Electronic Vote Flipping in Florida

Please be sure to digg this and watch Bev Harris' documentary, "Hacking Democracy."

Fox News Exposes DIEBOLD Vote Machine Fraud

Yep. I know- why couldn't it have been ANY other news organization to make this story? Oh well. Let's see if Youtube can make this go viral.

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