Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hundreds Of Thousands of Ballots May Not Have Been Counted In CA Open Democratic Primary Election

Here is what is known. California was the big prize in yesterday's SUPER DUPER TUESDAY, with a whopping 441 delegates at stake for the Democrats. Shazam! Additionally, those left coasters have an independent streak, with 20% of Californians registered as independent. In fact, Californians are so independent that they even have a special name for independent: officially, they are know as "decline to state" voters. Again, in California 1 in 5 registered voters fall into that category- in Los Angeles County alone the number of "decline to state" registered voters is 776,000. In fact, in the lead up to the California primary, these sought after “decline to state” voters were said to hold the power of deciders of this highly contested cure for that

Special thanks to Davis Fleetwood who tipped us off to this story in the video below:

after SUPER TUESDAY- Predictions

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