Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Who Is "Jerjis Alajaji?

Jerjis Alajaji - the name of the individual who has a yahoo email account by the same name - donated $1000 to the Granny Warrior's Paypal "Chip In" account.

Linda Hunnicutt - aka "The Granny Warrior" - wrote to us:

"The reason for the frozen account: seems like we may have been accepting money from terrorists?????"

Click image to enlargeWe did a google search using "Jerjis Alajaji" and found this entry:

Jerjis T. Alajaji

A Definitive Reply to Islam

A casual reader of history will not fail to note the great and ferocious animosity of Islam to Christianity. One would ask why is this so, since both religions are supposed to worship the same God? The crux of the matter lies in focusing on the originators of these two religions, since followers of one or the other religion have a wide range of virtues or vices, resulting in complex and unscrutable historical developments.

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JSBach said...

Before jumping to various conclusions, it may interest you to know that Jerjis Alajaji is the name of a Radiologist M.D. on the east coast, member of the Orthodox (Christian) church, and who supports Ron Paul I believe.

Anonymous said...

Having spoken to Jerjis, a strict Orthodox Christian and writer against Islam in the past, and seeing his work for the Ron Paul campaign, the fact that this came up this late just earned a new McCain voter (that and the Obama lead). He'd probably find that disappointing. Of course I would have voted Kucinich first.