Thursday, January 10, 2008 weighs in...

Ron Paul - Vote Fraud Victim

By J. Bruce Campbell

The numbers don't add up, obviously. Ron Paul wins straw poll after straw poll, he wins hack-proof online polls such as AOL's and he gets unprecedented donations and still he gets wiped out by the Diebold machines, which was expected. has shown us how it is done. The exact same Diebold machines that were exposed in "Hacking Democracy" two years ago were used in New Hampshire yesterday to manage 81% of the primary ballots. Then we learned that the 2004 Iowa Caucus voting was handled by an Israeli-owned company, Elron. Were things different this year? Who is behind John Silvestro and his LHS company that counted the New Hampshire vote?

We should stop hoping that we can beat the house and its rigged roulette wheel, its programmed slot machines and its marked decks and loaded dice.

The campaign should now shift gears and announce that vote fraud has clearly destroyed the American political process, as proven by the Collier brothers, by Jim Condit, Bev Harris, Harri Hursti and the Public Broadcasting System and by many others.

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