Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Book How To Rig An Election Is An Excellent Read And You Can Get It Here—This Book Is About A Past New Hampshire Election

Last week, Simon and Shuster released a new book about GOP dirty tricks titled, “How to Rig An Election, Confessions Of A GOP Operative,” by Allen Raymond. We will soon be releasing several in depth interviews with Allen as part of our Election Protection Strike Force this year. In the meantime, VR has 20 autographed copies of the book to the first 20 donations to us of $50.00 or more here. And please support Mr. Raymond’s whistleblowing by ordering a copy of his book for you and your friends directly from Simon and Shuster here. This is a real eye-opener into the mindset of the Republican National Committee’s win-at-all-cost election strategy.

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