Friday, January 11, 2008

What Really [May] Happen To The Recount In NH

Michael Rivero comments:
1-10-08: Kucinich stepping into trap ...

The only way a recount makes any sense at all in New Hampshire is AFTER an assessment is made of the chain of custody issues. If the chain of custody isn't intact the recount won't be worth a cup of warm spit.
When vote fraud was exposed in Ohio in 2004, a recount was ordered. Far from being a random sampling it turned out that ballots were hand picked in order to produce a sample recount that matched the official results. The people who rigged the recount were convicted in court of rigging the recount, so we KNOW that rigging does not stop on election day. The people who rigged New Hampshire election IN BOTH PARTIES will be working just as hard to rig the recount UNLESS New Hampshire voters force the recount to be honest and accurate (see story below about McCain's attempt to steal the Arizona straw poll).

As far as I am concerned, the 2008 election has already lost all credibility. - M. R.

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