Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Liberty Broadcast Network: Watching The Vote In 2008


We are focusing on two urgent projects now:

* Report the real vote tallies from individual Iowa Caucuses on January 3, 2008 -- and upload them immediately to the internet for the world to see. This will provide a check and balance on what the Republican Party of Iowa is reporting, and on what the 5 TV Networks are reporting.

* Report the real vote tallies from the individual polling places in New Hampshire for the Presidential Primary, January 8, 2008 . By reporting the results from the 137 hand counted precincts in New Hampshire , we will provide a check and balance on the alleged published results from the 175 precincts where the ballots are processed by computer. As it stands, those 175 “computerized” towns in New Hampshire are pl ann ing to hide the ballots from the people, and not count them in the open. New Hampshire law allows these towns to take the ballots out of the computers at closing time, and hand count them as a double check on the computers. Honest Election groups will be urging these towns to have an open hand count of the ballots – but will they?

Click here to sign up and support this NOW!! Click here for information about conference calls scheduled for today, New Years Day 2008.

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