Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vote Fraud CONFIRMED - Paper vs. Electronic Ballots

Ron Paul War Room

Ron Paul War Room
Tuesday January 9, 2008

A Ron Paul fan has put together this wonderful little table that shows precisely what happened in the towns with paper ballots vs. the towns with Diebold Accuvote optical scanner electronic voting machines.

You can see clearly by looking at the column in red how much the electronic voting machines gave or took away from a candidate. Ron Paul lost 2%+, whereas Giuliani got a 0.5% boost, stealing 4th from Ron Paul. You can also see that Mitt Romney really didn't have 31%, but something closer to 25%, a throw of 6% in his favor.

If you're skeptical that these numbers are indeed meaningful, just look at the Democratic field using the link on the page. No statistical difference except for 2 candidates: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Clinton got a 5-point boost from the machines, whereas Obama got a 2-point drop. With only a 3-point spread in the final count, it is obvious that Obama won New Hampshire - the establishment throws for their fellow Bilderberger.

Hat Tip To Rose Lear who hails from Muskegon Michigan and is a member of the Ron Paul Group #378.

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