Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul: Attention Michigan, SC and Nevada Voters!!!

The idea is simple.

1. If you have a cell phone or a camcorder, video record yourself going to your primary or caucus as you vote for Ron Paul. Then post your video as a response to this one.

2. Get a signed affidavit to legally document that you voted for Ron Paul in your precinct on the day of your Caucus or Primary.

Do one or both of the above, and if every Ron Paul supporter does this in Michigan, SC and Nevada, we should be able to get a "we the people" count of votes.

Help make this video go viral. All the Ron Paul voters who do not watch youtube or have internet, please tell them about this video.

This idea could be the first time in American history where we the people can use technology to have an independent tally of who is voting for a candidate.

Onward to victory!

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