Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ron Paul: Make sure your vote counts

1.Mission Statement

In order to provide for a fair and proper presidential election process, and overcome prevalence of vote fraud in recent elections, the RonPaulVoteCount Movement will help Ron Paul voters to independently DOCUMENT THEIR VOTES with an Affidavit.

In this manner, a mechanism will be in place, and acted upon by RonPaulVoteCount volunteers, to INDEPENDENTLY count, total, and report such votes, for comparison to results reported by the Election Administrator, and, where significant discrepancy is found, take further action within a short time period after the Election.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Emergency Call to Help Ron Paul VoteWatch

December 17, 2007

Emergency call to get citizens to eye-witness the vote count in the Iowa Caucus, counted 100% in the open, and the New Hampshire primary, counted 25% in the open. The theft happens at the state level, not the local level. The purpose is to protect the vote of Ron Paul — and everybody else. Citizen witnessed results must be immediately uploaded to the internet for the world to see, to checkmate the 5 TV Networks, AP, and the 4 mega-computer companies, who are neck deep in computer vote fraud.

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